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HotMedia is the creative media unit of the established IT service provider, Connectnet. We’ve built a team of creative individuals and technical stars who pour their hearts and souls into turning out high impact, effective online media.


That’s all well and good but what makes us really hot, is our commitment to helping you build lasting and profitable relationships with your customers. Which is where our mantra comes in.


At the start of every relationship there’s that first impression; and as we all know, first impressions count. Luckily our creative team of designers, copywriters, sound engineers and video technicians are gifted when it comes to impressing people, which sorts the ENGAGE bit out.

Once you’ve grabbed some attention, the next stage in any relationship is to persuade your target to give you a spin. At this point making things really straightforward is important; you don’t want any silly technical hoops to get in the way. The HotMedia mix of technicians, strategists and creatives gets the CONVERT part of the process done.

But as any relationship guru knows, it’s not just about the conquest. Building a relationship is about connecting with people and communicating in a way that makes the individual feel special. With HotMedia’s combination of Email Marketing and Microsites technology, there’s never been such a cost-effective way to really CONNECT with your customers.

Talk to us now about how HotMedia can ignite your online relationships creating genuinely profitable business opportunities.

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