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CLiCK Magazines’ Pure Online Launch


Having launched these two purely online magazines there was a need to grow a registered subscriber base to attract advertising spend. The magazine revenue model is dependent on advertising dollar. Given a limited marketing budget it was important that the most cost effective methods were used. There was also a strong intention to prove the concept in a purely online environment:  “Consistently, online”

Why Email:

Because of an existing relationship with another business, the CLiCK magazine launch could be promoted to that database of 5000 members with maximum efficiency and dramatic impact through email.
Also, in comparison to more traditional forms of direct marketing, the measurability of email was attractive with campaigns being tracked. This meant the campaigns could be tweaked as they went to maximise ROI and recipient response rates.


To promote the launch of CLiCK Me and CLiCK Tech, online multimedia magazines, four email campaigns were sent between 17 July - 19 November 2008.

What was sent:

Four HTML newsletters with links to multiple articles within each magazine. Also included were special advertising offers and promotions for the giveaways featured in each magazine.

Who to:

Initially, in order to spread the word the sends were targeted to an affiliate’s existing database with an explanation of the relationship. However, over time the CLiCK database grew as recipients subscribed via the email campaigns, Google adwords, social marketing initiatives, viral marketing and organic growth.

The most important factors in the success of the emails:

  • Optimising the subject line (length, ordering of words, inclusion of specific words) by monitoring response rates.
  • Because email is cost-effective, a wider reach was achieved within the available budget.
  • List splitting to test different top banner imagery to identify which generated the highest response rates.

Technological challenges:

  • Ensuring the right data was extracted for each send, given the extent of the list splitting and testing.
  • Inclusion of RSS – lack of public understanding

Key successes:

  • The three days after each email campaign saw, on average, a ten-fold increase in traffic with this dropping back to pre levels within a week to ten days.
  • Seeing the % of click-throughs increase with each campaign. 

Overall outcome:

During the campaign, traffic to grew dramatically. The newsletters not only reminded subscribers that the magazines exist but also allowed them to recognise when new articles were released, which competitions were underway and in which direction CLiCK magazines were heading.

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Beautiful! Its slick and so well designed. Really easy on the eyes, I love it.

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