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Put yourself in the drivers seat and take control of your email marketing. HotMedia Email Marketing makes it possible to analyse, refine and maximize your effort and investment... no more firing messages into the dark.

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Understand what’s working and what isn’t

  • Track each campaign’s views, open rates, and clickthroughs.
  • Understand each subscriber’s behaviour by tracking their views, open rates, and clickthroughs.
  • Track which content is interesting subscribers with reports on individual link performance.
  • Be kept informed with automatic daily or weekly report summaries.
  • Create reports on subscribers who clicked a specific link.
  • Keep the team informed - email any report to any email address.

Get to know your subscribers better

  • Collect up to 25 demographic parameters from each subscriber.
  • Target your emails based on any of these demographics.
  • Create follow-up emails to send to targeted groups.
  • Send a follow-up communication to those who did not view or did not click on any links in a previous newsletter.

Be confident your emails present well

  • Support for all major email clients is built-in to each communication.
  • Supported formats include Text, HTML, and AOL Rich Text.
  • Option to deliver a multi-part MIME messages (where the recipients email client decides HTML or plain text).

Be as creative as you like

  • Personalise your content with fields such as your subscriber’s name and collected demographic information.
  • Create specific email headers for specific subscriber groups.
  • HTML and TEXT formats are both supported.
  • Get your subscribers to grow your database for you with the "Forward to a Friend" option.
  • Use attachments to include further information
  • Create and insert custom text fields to customize the content for subscriber groups.

Grow a huge database

  • HotMedia’s Email Marketing supports up to 1 million+ subscribers

Make it easy for subscribers to join (and leave)

  • Easy creation of opt-in/opt-out subscription forms for your website.
  • Every email automatically includes an opt-out link.
  • Subscribers can be specific about which list they are leaving.
  • Option to import an opt-out list from any type of ODBC compliant database.
  • Compliant with the major electronic communications legal requirements.
  • Subscribers can specify reason for unsubscribing.
  • Option to use the confirmed opt-in system where users verify

Get your emails delivered quickly

  • HotMedia’s high-speed email delivery system supports 64 simultaneous connections.
  • Delivery of up to 500,000 email messages per hour.
  • Email delivery can be scheduled to go at any hour up to 60 days prior.

Don’t waste your efforts on people who aren’t there

  • Bounced addresses are automatically tracked and reported on.
  • Incorrect addresses can be deleted after a specific number of bounces.
  • The reasons for each bounce are tracked.

Make the most of your database

  • Test subject lines, content or imagery with A/B list splitting eg send to odd/even subscribers or top/bottom list of subscribers.
  • Option to be notified when a person subscribes and/or opts out.
  • Enhance the relationship with auto responses based on subscriber activity eg. send a specific email when a subscriber joins, clicks a link, views a newsletter, or updates their subscriptions.
  • Option to email the most recent newsletter or a specific newsletter after an opt-in.

Straightforward integration with existing software

  • Import existing subscriber lists from Access, Excel, & comma delimited text files.
  • Import lists from any ODBC compliant database including Oracle and SQL Server.
  • Subscriber and demographic data can be exported to Microsoft Excel for analysis.

Isn’t it time you used HotMedia Email Marketing?

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