Landing Pages
For Your Hot Little Marketing Rendezvous

What every date needs is a special location where you can focus on the business at hand with no distractions or other tempting offers.

Well, marketing is pretty much the same and done right, landing pages can be that perfect location in which to seal the deal. The point of a landing page is to be focussed specifically on what the offer is (whether it be signing up for a newsletter or agreeing to have a salesperson call you). Visitors will arrive because they took a whim and decided to click on a link in an email, on a website or in a search engine or even a printed web address.

So you know that they’re already interested. They like the cut of your jib and are ready to hear more. To impress you’re going to need their undivided attention which is the point of landing pages.

So how do you make the most of your landing page rendezvous?

Dress to impress:

Make sure that your page is visually engaging with your brand clearly displayed.

Don’t beat around the bush:

Your visitor already knows why they’re here. Don’t confuse them with multiple messages. Present your offer clearly and singularly.

Hide the exits:

Ok, this might be a little controversial but you need to keep your visitor right where they are. So it’s good practice to avoid having lots of navigation to the rest of your site on landing pages. Maybe just one subtle link to “Our website”.

Use entertainment:

Make the most of all the media available to you. If animations, video or audio will work to communicate your message, use them all.

Get to know your visitor:

Everyone likes to be asked for their opinion. Make your visitors feel important by asking them to engage with you in terms of polls, surveys and feedback tools.

HotMedia Microsites are ideal for marketing landing pages. Maybe you’re planning a sales promotion or looking for a campaign response vehicle. With a wide range of rich media available and lots of interactive features such as polling, surveys and feedback forms, your online rendezvous is looking good.

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Awesum mag....Really like the layout you have and the music player in the background is a crisp idea top stuff.

N Jaey