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Show Us How It's Done

Marketing is more than just show. Sometimes you need to engage a little bit more deeply so that customers, distributors or staff know just which buttons to push to get the best from their experience with you. You could just let them figure it out by themselves… or you could take the initiative and take advantage of some very clever tools that make it easy to do a bit of show and tell.


Get the service right

Your brand is your personality. Your customer service staff are the expression of that personality - the human voice and face of your organisation. So customer service training is a crucial part of brand marketing. The old days of the customer service manual have been superceded by a brave new world of interactive customer service training. Show your staff how to get the service right with videos, surveys and rich media demonstrations. And then test them online to see if they were listening!

Show us what you can do

They say a picture paints a thousand words. So how many words is a picture, video and flash demonstration worth? Well, it all depends on the value of what you’re offering. But there’s no doubt that the extras can make the difference between a ‘walk-on-by’ and a ‘jump-into-bed’ reaction. Which would you prefer?

Don’t be misunderstood

"My prospect doesn’t understand me.” The sales process can get tricky if you’ve got a complex offering. Nobody likes feeling misunderstood, so it’s up to you to make sure all those intricacies are explained in ways that your audience can understand. If you need interactive features, video, flash as well as text and pictures, then you’re going to some sophisticated technology to bring this all together in a way that makes sure you and your customers really deeply understand each other.

If you need help to get yourself understood, whether it be for sales, training or demonstration purposes, isn't it time you talked to HotMedia about Microsites.

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Hi, I absolutely love this magazine. It takes reading articles to another level and I hope you guys keep it up because I know I'll be coming back for future reads.

The articles cover a broad range and are interesting and full of facts.

Great job.

R Reid