Website Development:
Nuts, Bolts And Very Clever Geeks

When you’re building your new business home online, you’re going to need very clever builders who understand what you want and how to get it there.

You need to know that not only will your website look great but that it will stand the pressure once it goes live, that you’ll be able to keep it current and interesting and that the links it has with other systems are consistent and reliable.

Only then will you feel confident to throw open the doors and invite your customers to come in and have a rummage.

So what are the key factors in getting your website development right?

Construction Zone with Credentials

Programming your site takes expertise and an understanding of web standards and protocols. You could use a young geek operating from his garage. Hey, she/he might be the hottest new programmer in town. But you can’t be sure of that. Using a provider with credentials and proven experience is a much more reliable way to get the results your website needs.

Holding Hands Nicely

These days, the chances are that your website will be connecting with other business systems either in your organisation or perhaps even to those of suppliers or other business partners. You’re going to need a provider who not only can do the programming but can also hold hands nicely with either your own IT department or with your business partner IT departments. That takes experience and reputation, not something everyone can lay claim to!

Content is Still King

Since the dawn of the internet people have been saying that content is king. Well nothing has changed in that respect. What has changed is that you ought to insist on having the facility in your website to be able to manage that content. You don’t need to be paying developers for each and every wording change. A straightforward, easy to use, content management system should be an automatic inclusion.

Ongoing Relationship

Once you’ve found your geek partner, it makes sense to hang on to them. They know your site architecture and you know how they work. And no matter, how good a job you’ve all done, there will be changes. New ideas, tweaks to existing functionality and things that might be compromised for a whole host of reasons, make it important that you can turn to your special geek friend when you need to. Make sure that you’ve talked about ongoing support before you get too far into the relationship. Commitment should go both ways!


At HotMedia, our geeks are qualified, experienced and personable. We love ongoing relationships with our customers. Call now to get to know us.

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