Website Strategy
Think Before you Act

With literally billions of people on the internet and billions more websites available, it can seem a little daunting to plan out a new website.

But if you don’t think before you act, how will you know that the website you end up with will be the perfectly functioning home your business needs?

Ask Questions

By asking the right questions of yourself, other departments in the business and your customers, you get an understanding of what exactly you need the website to do. Do you need product catalogues, libraries of data, blogs, forums, intranets, extranets, video, audio, flash animations? The list is long and complex. It can be helpful to have expert support when doing your research; experts who know the internet, who understand how to politely interrogate you and your customers and how to interpret the results in a way that makes sense.

Get connected

It’s not just customers that your website connects with. Many websites today also connect in with other business systems. There are many advantages to integration (e.g. reduced data handling, real time record updating and business process automation). However this integration can have far reaching and sometimes complicated consequences if not carefully considered. It pays to investigate these connections before jumping in to the build.

To sell or not to sell (online)

Although ecommerce is ideal for many businesses, it’s not right for everyone. And even if you do decide to sell your wares online, real time payment is still optional. If you do decide to sell online, then integration into other business systems becomes something that should be considered carefully.

If this all seems a bit much to manage at your end, HotMedia's Internet Strategists will work with you to formulate your Online Strategy. Give us a call.

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Hi, I absolutely love this magazine. It takes reading articles to another level and I hope you guys keep it up because I know I'll be coming back for future reads.

The articles cover a broad range and are interesting and full of facts.

Great job.

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